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Soo…long story short, my two older siblings were left alone to look after me one day when my mom & auntie left for church. I GUESS…forgetting that I was just in my crawling stage & knowing full well that I was used to going over to our neighbor’s house to get some snack treats…they leave me inside by myself and go outside to play with their friends. When they leave, I take it upon myself to go after those daily snacks I was accustomed to. In an attempt to crawl out of my seat/crib….I end up tripping off & falling face down on to a concrete floor. That day, the fall just left a somewhat small, but noticeable scratch/mark on my nose. When mom noticed that scratch & asked what had happened, they acted like they had no clue & played it off. Mom didn’t make much of it then & just let it go. Fast forward to a few days later, while my older brother is playing with me in the kitchen area…on a yet again…concrete floor, I end up falling off the chair I was on….through no fault of his own this time at least (an accident)…NOW THAT’S when it got real!

When I fell on it again, this time the old scratch that had happened from the first fall ends up bursting and uncontrollably bleeding. My mom, automatically assuming that I was dying or something, rushes me to the hospital, only to find out that it was just the scar/injury from the first fall that what caused the spot to burst & simply bleed out. That’s when my auntie comes in to investigate the truth! She tricks both my siblings into making one think that the other one had already snitched on her/him and they basically tell on each other revealing the truth on what really happened that day. Though my mom claims that they were punished for it, I don’t believe her. But, I’ll just take her word for it. As for my revenge, though it was unintentionally, I did get my revenge on both of em! It happened on two different nights when I had a nightmare & screamed in my sleep. The first victim was my brother, he spent that night pulling an all nighter in the living room & ends up falling asleep on the couch. Keep in mind that, our coffee table back then used to be one of those full-on glass center tables, where one wrong move near it & it’d be a crime scene in there. As such, when I screamed loud as heck in my sleep, brodie tries jumps out of his sleep & tries to run to us to save us from whatever it was that we were screaming about….poor kid ends up jumping right into the middle of the glass coffee table, which ends up literally cutting his leg up from knee all the way to his foot. You could only imagine how SAD/SCARY that scene must’ve been. Just like that, he now has a big ol’ scar right down his right leg because of me. | Revenge #1: CHECK* |

As for my sister, I got her twice! The first time was when she was like 15 or 16 and I was like 8, we were fighting over who should cut a piece of sugarcane (If you’re from back home, you’d know why/how that’d even be in the picture to begin with). Anyway, IDK WHYYYY SHE THOUGHT it was okay to hold the knife by where the sharp end is to snatch it away from me, but SIS TRIED ITTTTT & ended up slicing her left hand from one end to the other. Which also left a big ol’ mark on her hand. The second time was b/c of another nightmare I had….(yea idk I used to have bad dreams almost every day back then idk why tbh!) but anyway…she was sleeping on the top end of their bunk bed & again keep in mind that there is her study area right underneath her, with a small table & a wooden chair to go along with it right under her bed. So, when I screamed out loud once again b/c of ANOTHER bad dream…she jumps out of bed trying to run towards our room & ends up hitting her chest right on the corner of the chair that chair! I remember when she was trying to make her way to us…she couldn’t even walk straight…she literally flopped in the hallway before she could make it to us & fainted that night!

| Revenge #2: CHECK* | Hence, why/how I have the big scar in the middle of my face!



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