Qorannoon Beekan Gulummaa Yuunibarsiitii Harvard keessatti gochaa ture goolabameera. Akkuma beekamu Hagayya 16, 2015 irraa eegalee obboleessi keenya kun mata duree "Fincilaafi Diddaa Barattoota Oromoo: Nagaa, Haqaafi Dimookiraasii Barbaachaafi Tarkaanfii Deebii Mootummaa Abbaa Irree Xoophiyaa’’ jedhu irratti Yuunibarsiitii Harvard keessatti qorannoo isaa geggeessaa tureera. Xumura hojii kanaas Saba Oromoo fi lammiilee addunyaa kanaa garaagaraatti agarsiisuuf qophee xumuree jira.

What God says about Ethiopia? Reverend Belina Sarka has some vital prophesies to share

Considering the chaos Ethiopia has gone through, the thought of God actually having a greater plan for Ethiopia may sound surreal. Ethiopia will also be known for its fresh, pleasant flowers. God showed me four men standing at each corner of the dark area each holding high scissors. After that, I saw them coming from the four ends of the area and start cutting making their way to the center of the area. Then, the dark masked setting goes away as they take the cut ends of the darkened place and remove it from the area...the end of bloodshed, agony, and other issues that used to face our country.Students from universities, colleges, and high schools will come together in peace and unity as they become the key to Ethiopia's transformation.

The Irony : Abba Dula, fake or real?!

A man that can do so much to prevent the cruelty his people are facing, yet shows no remorse for that aspect of the ethnic Chaos. He is in the media declaring his good deeds and plans to stand for those who are fighting, while his actions say otherwise.Abba Dula, fake or real?!

Hogganaan Qabsoo Ummata Oromoo Eenyu ?

Ummanni Oromoo erga gabrummaa habashaa jala seenee eegalee waggoota dhibbaa ol lakkoofsiseera. Waggoota dhibban dabran kana keessattis eenyummaan isaa irraa mulqamee, namaa gaditti lakkaawamee,...

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