What do you think of tomorrow’s rally to support PM Abiy?

We asked the diaspora what they think of tomorrow’s rally in support of PM...

We asked the diaspora what they think of tomorrow’s rally in support of PM Abiy Ahmed and the responses were surprising! This interview was with an...

What God says about Ethiopia? Reverend Belina Sarka has some vital prophesies to share

Considering the chaos Ethiopia has gone through, the thought of God actually having a greater plan for Ethiopia may sound surreal. Ethiopia will also be known for its fresh, pleasant flowers. God showed me four men standing at each corner of the dark area each holding high scissors. After that, I saw them coming from the four ends of the area and start cutting making their way to the center of the area. Then, the dark masked setting goes away as they take the cut ends of the darkened place and remove it from the area...the end of bloodshed, agony, and other issues that used to face our country.Students from universities, colleges, and high schools will come together in peace and unity as they become the key to Ethiopia's transformation.

ኢትዮጵያ ከነገ ጀምሮ ድፍድፍ ነዳጅ ማውጣት ትጀምራለች፡፡

Back in February of 2016, we released an article on the prophesies of Reverend Belina Sarka, which covered detailed recap of the events that...

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ABIY AHMED: A MAN OF DUAL PERSONALITY The reformist Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed has a strong military and security personality. He joined army as...

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