If you need healthy relationship, your first assignment …

Our Life is a subtotal of decisions we make every day.


Our Life is a subtotal of decisions we make every day. Hence, to live a life meant for us, we have to choose our decision carefully. Building healthy relationship with people in our life is one of the areas that needs careful decision.  Healthy relationship is an important medicine for healthy living. If you need healthy relationship, your first assignment should be learning how to give healthy relationship to someone around you.

Always strive to win everyone’s heart by giving love.


Whether to be a best ever created leader, or to be remembered in history, start here: develop the ability to serve everyone in full heart. Most successful leaders may not be remembered all the time, but their mark never be forgotten. Leaders neither seek nor demand fame. Their true inspiration is to serve people. It is not about you that changes people, it’s about what you did for them. Do good things to see changes in your world.

 I define success as

“Sharing knowledge I acquired both formally and informally to help community in the process of nation building.

The secret to receive is giving.”

What is expected from you to succeed is to stand firmly towards your cause in every situation. Everything you put your mind and energy to it, is achievable. Hard work brings success.  Have a mindset of working hard before aiming for success.  But make sure that willingness alone does not bring you the desired success. The moment you start comparing success with your environment is the moment you let your vision die on you. Do not race with others or do not compare your life with others, but compare yourself with your targeted vision. Nothing restrict u. Your growth is limitless.


There is no success without team spirit.

Since human creatures are different in their character, appearance, and the way they react to stimulus, unity in diversity has to be exist. Whenever unity exists, success is there for sure. Whenever there exists common understanding among staff member working for same organization there exist success at their feet. Becoming a leader asks much determination. Becoming a leader means giving oneself for others so that they use it for an accomplishment of a given purpose.

True leader won’t let his vision die but willing to die for his vision.


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