Let’s start campaigning to Nominate Prime Minister Abiy for Nobel Peace Prize! 

Prime Minister Abiy ended 20 years of conflict, made peace and normalized relations with Eritrea.

Let’s start campaigning to Nominate Prime Minister Abiy for Nobel Peace Prize! 

In less than 100 days in power, Prime Minister Abiy ended 20 years of conflict, made peace and normalized relations with Eritrea. Please note this conflict costed both countries over 100,000 lives and billions of dollars not to mention the missed opportunity costs.

Prime Minister Abiy also eased the tension with Egypt on the Nile, another potential flashpoint.

Ethiopian PM Abiy Hug President Esayas of Eretira

Ethiopia’s relations with Kenya, Uganda, Ruwanda, Sudan, South Sudan, Somali, and Djibouti were all further consolidated and given a new dimension of regional economic integration. The peace process in South Sudan was put on the fast track. Ethiopia’s relations with Suad Arabia and the Middle Eastern countries were not left out.

In a very surprising fashion, all these diplomatic relations were done without the direct interventions and courting of the traditional peacemakers and the usual suspects such as the United States, the European Union, the United Nations, and the African Union.

In addition, none of the old colonial powers( Britain, France, and Italy) who ruled the countries of the region, except Ethiopia, had a hand in any the above moves by the new Ethiopian Prime Minister.

Not only that, Prime Minister Abiy actions bankrupted the conflict entrepreneurs in the Horn of Africa. In less than three months, Prime minister Abiy neutralized political speculators in the U.S., European Union, the African Union and other capitals.

In Ethiopia itself, the Ethiopian political oppositions that built its agenda on opposition to the regime is yet to recalibrate and re-invent a national political agenda against the administration of Prime Minister Abiy.

Numerous Ethiopian rebel forces who were gearing up for armed resistance for the last 27 years of TPLF rule has to change tactics and adopt peaceful political struggle as a new model of political opposition.

The Ethiopian opposition media, both in the country and outside the country, are yet to adopt new narratives and adjust to the new reality of a country in the fast-tracked transformation.

Ethiopian elites who remained on the margins of Ethiopian public discourse are taken off the guard to say a word let alone help in the transformation process.

The Ethiopian military and security forces who were trained to be violence and repressive are yet to learn how to manage Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s agenda of peace and love.

The corrupted and rotten Ethiopian law enforcement institutions are yet to unlearn torture and corruption and learn what law enforcement might look like.

Did I mention he released tens of thousands of political prisoners, repealed the state of emergency proclamation put in place by his predecessor, removed Ethiopian political opposition groups from Ethiopia’s terror lists by formally repealing the law itself?

Prime Minister Abiy also established a National Council of Prominent Legal Experts under the Ministry of Justice to review and propose suggestions to repeal all oppressive and repressive laws adopted by the previous TPLF regime.

For all these and many more measures he took over the last three months, each one of them being more than one leader’s lifetime achievements, Prime Minister Abiy earned the prestige to be the candidate and the front-runner for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Had he been a Western leader or elsewhere, Prime Minister Abiy would have been the talk of the nations and the staple of western media and their journalists.

Even with all the underreporting and the well known Western Media bias, it is hight time to start campaigning for the nomination of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for the Nobel Peace Prize.