Motivational- This article will cheer you up! You are different in every way of your life.

You are different in every way of your life.

yourYou have the ability to be free from everything that restricts you. Hence, why you get to choose your life. Given this moment at your hand, you are given the opportunity to live the life you were meant to live. Never blame others if they seem to be against you due to misunderstanding. But before pointing your fingers, try to figure out if the issue exists within you. If the real problem is with you, and you made it with your conscious knowledge don’t waste even a second to take the train of your life to the right path.

 One cannot ride a train on sea, but most importantly, we are all human beings. The reason we were created was so that we could accomplish great deeds and in return make it available for the coming generation. As humans, these are the legacies that we keep as we go on and on until we reach our destiny.

Oftentimes, when we look at ourselves in the mirror, our eyes tend to only focus on the imperfection in us. But those we see the perfection in the midst of their imperfections are able to fine the secrete to stay motivated in life.Nothing-Can-Stop-Gods-Blessing-Blog-Banner

Sooner or later, nothing that was meant to happen by them will hinder their success.

It will only be a waste of time to dedicate their timer to another century and/or reasoning for another person. However, if the contributor remains dormant and refuses to live life to the fullest by choosing to seek what is not meant for them, the world will be missing on a valuable contribution.

For example: instead of giving light, if the sun constantly wants to give rain, while rain also remains contributing what it was meant to, do you think flowers would continue to exist in the world? It is a biological fact that the sun is good for living things only when it fulfills the purpose its designed to accomplish.beutiful things

Each and every one of us carry a significant value in this universe.

Much like the purpose of the sun, we each hold great light in us for the brighter world we wish to observe. So let is contribute what we have, give our best, and let us shine for our country!

by Temesgen Atnafu Mulatu