Response letter to on Maalan Jira Votes Result.

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From: Abdisa Bencha(Abdiisaba Oromoo)
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
March 23, 2016


Subject: Response Letter to On Maalan Jira Votes Result
First of all I am really happy to hear such great decision and I would like to thank founder and Director Biniam Negesu and members for such decision to present our Lovely Artist Hacaaluu Hundessaa with the amazing title of Maalan Jiraa song on your Second Best Music video award, where Afaan Oromo Music is presented to such award competition for the first time in Ethiopian Empire History.

However, After few hours of your announcement, you hid the votes result, since yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, March 22). Which is not fair and untrustworthy. We your customer may understand from this, You may need to favor someone else, or need to ignore Afaan Oromo title as those who were got headache when they heard About Afaan Oromo and Oromo which You guys are always counting winning is as only for You or your dignity.

I like Ato Biniam Negesu, founder and director of to respond to this argument, Their website was hacked by professional hackers, which enabled Maalan Jira…? Music video to get more than 40,000 votes out of 50,000 voters. Biniam says, ‘Diretube has hidden the result when those hackers tried to give thousands of votes for one artist’’.


Could Ato Biniam Answer me, If Hiding the result will be the solution for the professional hackers to not give number of votes to artist? This is 100% false and logically unrelated.


Vote for Haacaaluu
Next, Could Ato Biniam provide us, full information of how professional Hackers worked to favor Maalan Jiraa only, why they did it? and if you traced from where(IP Address).

Ato Biniam also added, Repeatedly voting from one computer. This is logically right only for professionals, which only needs to clear cache. This is not new. Every online voting has this backwards. But nobody is aware of this.


NB: should be aware of Artist Hacaaluu Hundessaa is an #Exemplary artist that he is in heart of every Oromo people and in Addition with his amazing Maalan Jiraa Music, He deserved high position (where You guys can’t see with your blind eyes on our issues) in Oromo people. Not only this, you guys clearly now that Hacaaluu Hundessa has fans more than any other artists from different corner of the world, not only Oromo people but also others.

Generally, I need to underline that as you vowed, it is not hackers who favored for Hacaaluu Hundessa, it s his votes from his fans from across the world.
So, I need to Urge to hold unfair and unbalanced award and to put clearly the alleged “hacking”.

Abdisa Bencha (Abdiisaba Oromoo)
IT Specialist

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