The Irony : Abba Dula, fake or real?!

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I was told Abba Dula was showed up for the funeral of our legendary Artist Admasu Birhanu and it left me curious. When Oromo students are getting killed everyday by Agazi, he didn’t care less challenging his government let alone stopping it.

This this is a man who has the power to bring changes to the madness that’s taking place in Ethiopia. Yet, he does so little to enforce his authorities to do good by his people. It makes you wonder whether or not he is truly humane. While Oromo students are getting murdered for standing up for their basic human rights, Abba Dulla seems to be caring more about the death of an artist, Admasu Birhanu(Abba Lataa) than of those tons of innocent young lives being shattered.

screenshot taken from youtube video.

Not to downgrade the death of the well known actor however, it is quiet shocking to the majority that he even showed up to the funeral. Not only showed up, but he looks as if he is genuinely impacted by this loss and is therefore in tears.

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Once again, it brings about a query on whether or not this is a man who can actually FEEL for others or if it’s simply a facade he’s putting on to protect his public image?

screenshot taken from youtube video.
Whatever the case, he is a man who is looked upon to bring about a better change for the Oromo community. A man that can do so much to prevent the cruelty his people are facing, yet shows no remorse for that aspect of the ethnic Chaos. He is in the media declaring his good deeds and plans to stand for those who are fighting, while his actions say otherwise.Abba Dula, fake or real?!

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