There is no indication the government is returning and reinstating the evicted Oromo people to their land.

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Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) is celebrating its 50th Anniversary of alienating and excluding the Oromo People from the national media.
The Ethiopian government funded and owned Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) is celebrating its 50th Anniversary cementing and formalizing the alienation of the Oromo people from the Ethiopian National Media into the 21st century.

The Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), formerly Ethiopian Television (ETV), the largest Ethiopian government tax payer funded media organization, is celebrating its 50th year anniversary as an Amharic only media organization completely and fully alienating Afaan Oromoo speakers from the Ethiopian media structure.

Afaan Oromoo speakers constitute about 50% of the Ethiopian population. Amharic, the only language of the Ethiopian government and the only language of EBC, is spoken by about 29.1% of the Ethiopian population.

The demands of the Oromo people on the Ethiopian government to make Afaan Oromoo the federal working language side by side with Amharic continue to fall on deaf ears leaving the Oromo people with no hope in Ethiopia.


EBC broadcasts all its programs in Amharic. It runs its webpages in Amharic and English. The Oromo people neither speaks Amharic nor English except very few Amharic speaking ethnic Oromos in urban areas.  NEXT PAGE>>