What God says about Ethiopia?

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What God says about Ethiopia?

 Reverend Belina Sarka has some vital prophesies

This is probably one of the most frequently asked question by Ethiopians worldwide. Yet no one has an answer for it. 

Considering the chaos Ethiopia has gone through, the thought of God actually having a greater plan for Ethiopia may sound surreal. 

Contrary to this, many pastors in Ethiopia, especially Reverend Belina Sarka has some vital prophesies to share with us concerning the visions that were revealed to him through God.  

Abiy Ahmed Prime Minister of Ethiopia
Reverend Belina Sarka

This famous Ethiopian born Reverend Belina Sarka Shares his vision. As the pastor explains, he received this prophecy, about 16 years ago-back in 2000 – while on a church mission in Germany.

According to his vision, in 30 years (beginning from 2000) in other words, 14 years from now, Ethiopia’s economic state will match up to that of Japan 16 years ago.

The following article is a word by word divination of Revernd Belina’s Vision translated in English.  Click here to view the Amharic Interview Video.

Ethiopia in 30 Years…what the world doesn’t know….

Prophesy about Ethiopia within the next 30 years.
(Economically defined in three regions)

  • Eritrea, Tigray, Wello and Gondar will become best known for their industry zone.
    Farmland animals such as; Chickens, sheep, and goats as well as sculptures of designed materials will be exported by trains.


  • Bale, Arsi, Shewa, and Gojam will be known for their functions in Agro-Industry. Farm lands will be able to use more modernized farming tools like, tractors and machinery materials. Produced goods will exceed the amount needed for Ethiopia that the rest of it will be exported to outside countries in need.
  • Aside from the original coffee and Tea productions, regions such as; Harar, Kefa, Gamu Gofa, Sidamo, Ellu Abba Bor, and Wellega will be able to produce more vegetables, fruits and spices. As a result of this mass production and necessity of exporting goods, there will be three airport stations built-in western and southern Ethiopia.
  • All sorts of flowers will be exported as they bloom fresh using these planes. Ethiopia will also be known for its fresh, pleasant flowers. It will become a country that turns away from its full of hatred and hostile ways as a result of these growing flowers.

Recourses That Will Be Discovered in Ethiopia

God showed me that Ethiopia has more electric power than other African countries.
This powerful electric power will be produced from these main factor; air, sun, and water. By coordinating these three, electricity will be exported to neighboring countries.
I saw farmers using wireless cellular devices to contact their families.

I saw families having easy access to wireless phones as they speak to their families calling from long distances and such. Within the next 50 years, Ethiopia’s highland and mountains is going to become enriched with forests and will have forest industries.

Fuel: will be discovered in Simt Sheleko, Baro Akobo and/or Afar.
As for Natural Resources, plenty of natural resources will be discovered in Borena, Northern Shewa, Northern Wello, Afar.

  • Eighteen types of special kinds of stones will be found. They will be more valuable than silver.
  • In Tigray, all over Sidamo and Wellega lots of Gold, Cobalt and many diamonds and nickels will be discovered.
  • Ours waters will be used for irrigation purposes, more so for fruits and vegetables.
  • Roads will be built surrounding our rivers and athletes will practice/run on it.

  • Large hotels will also be built around the water areas and as a result, many tourists will come to visit the country.
  • Our country will finally be at peace. As a result of all there is to see and explore in the country, tourists will be resistant to go back to their own countries and instead stay in Ethiopia and pursue a new life. They will start marrying our people and choose to stay in the country.
  • Ethiopia’s current tribal  divide and crisis will have no shine of light, but rather people will be more focused on working hard as one.
  • Ethiopia will have a brand new innovation in building an airplane (Airbus) that will travel from African countries to Ethiopia.
  • Ethiopia will also have lots of boats, the boats from Ethiopia will be connected to trains going and coming from Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, and Kenya to transport and export goods and services to and from Ethiopia. As a result, our exports will exceed our imports.


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Then God gave me 30 years


The first 10 years: A period of agony, abrupt issues, and unwanted movements.

The second 10 years: A time for eradication of 100 years’ worth of problems

The Last 10 years: A time for the eradication of 500 years’ worth of problems.

Within these 30 years, Ethiopia’s economic state will match up to Japan’s current economic status.

God explained that because I could not find a person that could get the job done, this will be my work. Because my name has been called upon for a very long time in this country, I will perform all this work for the sake of my name.
Then, I saw the country covered with dark mask, dressed in all black saddened dressings. I asked God what it was.

Then God showed me four men standing at each corner of the dark area each holding high scissors. After that, I saw them coming from the four ends of the area and start cutting making their way to the center of the area. Then, the dark masked setting goes away as they take the cut ends of the darkened place and remove it from the area. I asked God again, as to what this meant. He revealed to me that, the removing of that dark masked area portrays the end of bloodshed, agony, and other issues that used to face our country.

This got me bewildered and so I asked God again, who was going to bother going through such trouble to better the country. I asked who was going to do all these things.
God told me that younger generation, young souls who have not yet been indoctrinated by all the racist norms, all the hatred among diverse ethnic groups will be the ones to come together to bring this historic change.

Students from universities, colleges, and high schools will come together in peace and unity as they become the key to this transformation.

  • A big business trade road from Ziway to Kenya-Rudolf will be built: it will be known as the International Tourism Road.
  • I see wild animals being imported and exported from/to Ethiopia and abroad counties.
  • Ethiopia’s tourist attraction sites will become a well-known tourist destination because of the new roads.
  • Kenya and Tanzania will have strong trade relations with South Africa.

Then I saw Addis Ababa….


  • When I saw Addis Ababa, I thought to myself truly that this is the capital city of Africa. There were no longer dirty and filthy neighborhoods, for it was mostly filled with tall, multi-story buildings. Then I kept hearing a voice that says, Addis Ababa is not just the capital city of Africa but rather it is will become an international city. I asked again, as to how it can become an international city.

Then God explains that, new scientific discoveries will be made in Ethiopia. That the students in Ethiopia will be the masterminds behind all the scientific discoveries, along with all the other students who will come back from countries abroad to work in Ethiopia as well.
He then reveals to me that; all these discoveries will originate from agricultural areas.

Author : Motuma Kaba

Editor: Solane Kaba